You can get an apartment in your business name as long as the company’s by-laws allow for real estate leasing and you are prepared to offer a personal guarantee. It is important to communicate with the management companies of the apartments you are interested in renting under your business name and make sure that they understand what use you will be putting the space to before signing any leases. This will save you from confusion and frustration down the road.

Another factor to be mindful of is that some landlords will require you to have a business credit history. Since corporations are recognized as individuals in the law, some landlords may ask for a personal guarantee and credit history to go along with the company’s.

You will also need to check the zoning laws of the area you are looking to rent in, as some cities and counties don’t allow businesses to operate in residential areas. Finally, it is important to have a good insurance policy to cover the apartment rental business in the event of damages to the property or accidents that happen on the premises.