# How to Find Your Google Business Profile ID

Knowing your Google Business Profile ID is essential for efficiently managing and troubleshooting your online presence. This article will guide you through the steps to locate both your Google Business Profile ID and Place ID. Let’s dive straight into the actionable steps you need to take.

## Steps to Find Google Business Profile ID

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### Access Google Business Profile
First, open Google Chrome and log into the Gmail account associated with your Google Business Profile.

### Navigate to Business Profile
Click on the grid icon (nine dots) at the top right of your Google Chrome browser and select your Google Business Profile. If you manage multiple businesses, choose the one for which you need the ID.

### Locate the ID in the URL
The Google Business Profile ID can be found in the URL bar as an 11 or 13-digit number at the end of the URL that looks like `business.google.com/dashboard/i/NUMBER`.

## Context for Using Business Profile ID
Your Google Business Profile ID is required for tasks such as reconsideration or reinstatement requests if an account has been suspended.

## Steps to Find Google Place ID

### Place ID Deprecation Note
It’s important to acknowledge that the Place ID system has been deprecated and may need updating.

### Search for Place ID Finder
Go to Google and type “Place ID Finder”. Select the listing named “Place IDs (Places API)”.

### Using Place ID Finder
On the resulting page, enter the business name (e.g., “Chris Palmer Marketing”). If the profile is verified, the Place ID appears as a long string in a pop-up box with a red pin on a map.

## Utility of Place ID
The Place ID is used for filling out forms and other operations that involve identifying a specific business in Google systems.

## Wrap-Up and Additional Resources
We hope this guide provides clarity on finding your Google Business Profile ID and Place ID. Should you have any further questions related to Google Business Profile or Google Maps, feel free to visit [Chris Palmer Marketing](https://services.commarketing.com) for more information and SEO services.

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