In California, individuals may become domestic partners by registering with the state. The process is similar to filing for marriage. In order to register, both partners must fill out a declaration and have it notarized. The costs of registering will vary depending on the partner’s age and any handling and certification fees. If individuals have any questions or need assistance, they should consult with a local attorney.

Many couples choose to enter into a domestic partnership rather than marry for several reasons. One common reason is to avoid the religious or patriarchal implications of marriage, or the social stigma that comes with it. Additionally, those who have already been widowed or divorced often prefer not to marry again.

While a domestic partnership can provide some of the same benefits as marriage, there are many areas in which it differs. A major distinction is that marriage provides legal rights to spouses’ property, while a domestic partnership does not. Additionally, married couples are eligible for a variety of government benefits not available to domestic partners.

Although the need for domestic partnerships has decreased since same-sex marriage became legal, it is still an option for those who want to take advantage of state law. However, it is important to know that federal law does not recognize these legal agreements. Those who wish to receive the same tax advantages and other benefits as married couples must file for marriage.