The phrase “Standing on Business” has recently garnered significant attention, especially in the realm of American Sign Language (ASL) and social media. This trend owes much of its popularity to notable moments in sports, particularly the NFL.

Play-by-Play Description

During an electrifying game, a remarkable event unfolded when Smith scored a 73-yard touchdown. This play captivated fans, showcasing not only athleticism but also an impressive catch and run by Metap, leading to the touchdown.

Smith’s Celebration Gesture

Following his touchdown, Smith celebrated in a unique manner. He used Sign Language to convey the phrase “standing on business,” indicating his dedication to fulfilling his responsibilities.

Smith’s Interest in Sign Language

Smith’s interest in Sign Language extends beyond the football field. His dedication began in college, where he took a Sign Language course. Currently, he continues his education in Sign Language, having completed seven classes in a new program.

Purpose and Benefits

For Smith, learning Sign Language is a means to shift focus away from the relentless demands of football. Additionally, it offers practical benefits on the field, enhancing communication and reducing the risk of penalties for excessive celebrations.

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Popularity in ASL and Social Media

The phrase “Standing on Business” has seen a surge in popularity within ASL communities and on social media platforms, largely due to Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf’s use of the phrase during his touchdown celebration.

How to Sign “Standing on Business” in ASL

There are different versions of how to sign the phrase in ASL:

  • Exact English Word Order: STAND ON BUSINESS
  • ASL Slang: TRUE-BIZ
  • Meaning-focused: MANAGE BUSINESS

Various resources, including videos, illustrate each version of the sign.

Highlighting DK Metcalf

DK Metcalf’s touchdown celebration spotlighted the “Standing on Business” sign, playing a significant role in its viral moment. His journey into ASL began with a course in college and continued under the guidance of his current ASL teacher, Darrell Utley.

Practical Reasoning

One practical reason for Metcalf’s use of Sign Language during celebrations is to avoid fines for excessive celebration and unsportsmanlike conduct. According to Front Office Sports, he has accumulated over $98,000 in fines throughout his career.

Cultural Impact

The integration of the phrase “Standing on Business” in ASL, propelled by influential figures like DK Metcalf, underscores the intersection of culture, language, and social media trends. This phenomenon highlights not only the adaptability and reach of ASL but also its significant role in contemporary culture.

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