Photos play a big role in whether or not customers decide to shop at a local business. With that in mind, businesses need to make sure their Google Business listing is full of recent, vivid, high-quality photos. This is especially important for businesses that allow customers to upload their own photos after visiting the business, which can be used as a form of social proof. However, sometimes these customer-added photos aren’t flattering or accurately depict the business, and can actually damage a business’s reputation. In this article, we’ll show you how to delete a photo on google business if it doesn’t accurately represent your business.

Unlike photos uploaded by businesses, photos that are added by customers or other accounts cannot be deleted using the trashcan icon, and must instead be flagged for removal by Google. The flagging process is fairly simple, and requires you to provide a reason why the photo should be removed from your Google Business profile.

This isn’t something to be afraid of, as Google has strict guidelines for the types of content they accept on their platform and encourages people to report anything that violates these guidelines. This allows Google to keep their platform clean and ensures that customers only see relevant content while searching for businesses online.

As a result, there is no guarantee that any photo you flag for removal will be taken down from your Google Business profile. However, if enough people flag the same photo for removal, there is a higher chance that it will be taken down.