If you accidentally converted your account to a TikTok Business Account, or if you just want to use the app for personal reasons, you can easily change it back to a Personal Account. You’ll need to launch the app on your mobile device and go to your profile. There you’ll find a three dots/triple-dots icon that opens the “Settings and privacy” page. From there, you can modify your account information and account control settings. You’ll also be able to switch between personal/creator/business accounts from there.

How to change my tiktok from business to personal

You can switch your account type on TikTok from a Business Account to a Personal Account at any time, but you’ll lose access to Analytics (if you’re on a Business Account). You’ll also no longer be able to include a clickable link in your bio. However, you can add a link to your website in the bio of your new account, or you can wait until you’ve reached 1K followers and then add a link.

To change your account to a Personal Account, tap the three dots/triple-dots above your profile in TikTok. Then, tap on “Manage Account” to open the “Settings and privacy” page. On the page, you’ll see multiple headers including “Account,” “Content & Activity,” and “Cache & Cellular Data.” Just under the “Account” header (the first one on the Settings and privacy page), you’ll see a tab labeled “Manage Account.” On this page, you can edit your account information and account control settings as well as switch between personal/creator/business accounts.