If you have a Google Business Account, now called a Google My Business account that you want to change to a personal account then there are a few things you will need to do. This article will help you do that and ensure your data isn’t lost in the process.

First you will need to set up email forwarding on your old account. To do this log in to your previous Google account and click the cog at the top right. Select settings and then the forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Enter the email address you wish to forward emails to and make sure that the ‘Treat as an alias’ option is selected. Google will then send a verification email to that address, you need to click on the link within the email to verify your account and set up the forwarding.

Once you have done this then all your incoming messages will be sent to your new Gmail address. From then on whenever you compose an email you will be able to choose from which account you want to send it from, either your original business account or your new personal one.

The other thing you will need to do is to make sure that all your Google accounts are linked to the correct account. This can be a bit annoying as it will mean you need to update the information on all of your accounts (especially those where you are only a manager and not an owner). However, this is a necessity if you want to avoid losing any data from your old accounts.