If you’re selling on amazon, a business name change can make or break your brand. The platform is huge, and competition is fierce. So, if you’re thinking about changing your business name on amazon, it’s important to understand how the process works. In this article, we’ll share some tips and tricks that will help you navigate the process.

To change your business name on amazon, log in to Seller Central and select the Settings option. Next, click on “Account Info” to view your Seller Profile. Then, select “Edit” and enter your new seller name. Note: You must also change your seller name on each individual marketplace where you sell.

A good seller name should be consistent with your product line, market niche, and business goals. It should also be easy to remember and unique. Moreover, it should also allow for expansion of your business in the future. Keeping these tips in mind will help you choose the right name for your business.

Choosing an excellent seller name can boost your sales, especially when you incorporate keywords into it. A great way to do this is to use a tool like Namify, which helps you generate personalized and unique names. You can provide keywords, values, and industry, and Namify will craft names that encapsulate your brand identity.

Additionally, when choosing a seller name, it is important to consider whether the name complies with Amazon’s policies. For example, a name that is deceptive or infringes on intellectual property rights will likely be rejected.