Managing access to your Meta Business Manager is crucial for maintaining control and security over your business assets. Here, we’ll walk you through understanding different roles and permissions, security recommendations, and the steps to add people to your Meta Business Manager.

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Roles and Permissions

Admin Role

Only admins can add or remove people in the Business Manager. It’s crucial to carefully manage who has admin access due to the high level of control it grants. Admins have comprehensive control over business settings, including adding or removing other members and managing all aspects of the account.

Employee Role

Most people should be added as employees with specific permissions tailored to their job responsibilities. Employees can access business assets and undertake tasks as assigned to them but don’t have overarching control over the Business Manager.

Advanced Options

There are additional roles such as Finance Analyst and Finance Editor, which can be accessed via advanced settings. These roles are specialized for managing financial information, including viewing transactions and updating payment methods, without full administrative control.

Security Recommendations

Trust Factor

Only add people you know and trust to your Business Manager. Verify requests before granting access to ensure they are genuine. Scrutinizing who you add can prevent unauthorized access and potential misuse of your business assets.

Scam Awareness

Be aware of common scams related to Business Manager access:

  • Facebook Impersonation: Facebook will never ask for access to your Business Manager. Any such requests should be reported and denied.
  • Third-Party Verification Scams: No third-party business can get your business verified on Facebook. Verification processes should be completed only through the Business Manager settings.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is strongly recommended for all users. After 90 days, it’s mandatory for admins and employees with advertising access to enable two-factor authentication to maintain specific access privileges. Enabling this adds an extra layer of security to your account.

Steps to Add People

Navigate to Business Settings

To begin, go to the Business Manager and access the “Business Settings”. This is where you can manage all aspects of your Business Manager, including user roles and permissions.

Add People

Once in Business Settings, click on “People” and then “Add”. Enter the work email address of the person you want to add. The email invitee will get an invitation to join your Business Manager.

Assign Roles

Select the appropriate role for the new user: Employee or Admin. For specialized roles like Finance Analyst or Finance Editor, use the “Show advanced options”. Properly assigning roles ensures that users have the correct level of access for their duties.

Assign Assets and Permissions

Select the assets (e.g., ad accounts, pages) and the specific tasks you want to grant the person access to. Properly managing these permissions helps limit access only to the resources the user needs to perform their tasks.

Send Invitation

Click “Invite” to send an email invitation to the person, who will then need to accept it to gain access to your Business Manager. Remind them to check their email and accept the invitation promptly.

By following these steps and security precautions, you can effectively manage access within Meta Business Manager, ensuring both the security and efficiency of your business operations. Properly assigning roles and monitoring access can help maintain the integrity and functionality of your business assets.

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