How to add photos to google my business

Adding high-quality, relevant, and engaging photos is one of the best ways to improve your Google My Business listing’s engagement. It’s also important to upload new and engaging photos on a regular basis. This includes images of new projects or wins, products, services, and events. It’s a good idea to regularly update your Google My Business photos because it signals to Google that you are an active and legitimate business.

When you do this, it will help to improve your Google My Business profile’s local search visibility and ranking. Google takes into account how often you add and remove photos, as well as other factors like the proximity of the business to the consumer when determining the relevance of the business to a search query.

It is possible to add up to 20 photos to a Google My Business profile. It’s important to use authentic photos because using stock photos can hurt the credibility of your brand. It’s also recommended to keep the file size below 5MB.

You can upload photos through the web or via the Google My Business app. You can also schedule uploads in advance. Once the photos are uploaded, they will appear on Google Search and Maps within 24 hours.

To make changes to a business photo, log in to your GMB and click “Edit” on the business page. Then, select the photo to change.