A Facebook business integration is a connection between a Facebook app or product and an external app to share data and information between the two. You can use these connections to streamline your workflow and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

The Facebook Business Integrations feature allows you to create and manage an ecosystem of integration tools that is unique to your needs. This includes third-party apps like CRMs, email marketing platforms, ecommerce tools, and messaging chatbots. Many of these integrations are developed by companies that have existing relationships with Facebook, resulting in a smoother and more streamlined integration process.

You can find a list of all active integrations on the left side of your dashboard. To change the status of an integration, click View and edit or Remove. You can also use the search bar to find specific integrations. You can also renew permissions for integrations that have expired by clicking Renew.

Facebook X WebEngage integration is a one-time setup that allows you to export all of your customer segments to Facebook to retarget users on their platform through highly customized ad campaigns. The retargeting capability extends to both the Facebook and Instagram platforms. You can also use this to create Look-alike Audiences that can enhance your reach and boost brand visibility.

To enable the Facebook X WebEngage integration, go to Data Platform> Integrations> Facebook (Configure) and select the checkbox next to “Active”. After you grant WebEngage the permission to manage audience lists for the Facebook Business Ad Account during the integration process, your retargeting will be automatically synced with Facebook every hour. You can see the status of the retargeting as indicated by the integration’s name in the Status field of your dashboard.