When you need to add business card to apple wallet, there are a few ways to do it. One option is to use a digital business card generator, such as Tapni. This app allows you to create a QR code that will load your e-business card directly onto your client’s iPhone. The e-business card will include all your information, including a user image, company logo, web URLs, locations and 20+ social media links. You can also name your card for easy identification and enable the ‘Directly Download’ feature to allow the recipient to save your card in their Apple Wallet with just one click.

The other option is to use an Apple Wallet pass, which can be added to the Wallet app on your iPhone by clicking on the black button with the Wallet icon (the location will vary depending on the type of pass). This will add the pass to your Wallet and make it available for your contact to scan or manually enter your information.

Unlike traditional business cards, which involve recurring costs for updates and reprints due to loss or damage, a digital business card for Apple Wallet is a cost-effective and convenient networking tool. You can share your card in a variety of ways, including Airdrop, iMessage and email. To learn more about creating and using a digital business card for Apple Wallet, visit the website of a provider offering a variety of design templates and customization options.