Traditionally, small business owners and entrepreneurs were forced to either use their personal cell phone number for work-related calls or purchase two cell phones and plans (and pay the associated costs). Thankfully, many great apps and services now exist to add a business line to your phone. These solutions provide a variety of premium calling features and allow you to easily distinguish between business and personal calls.

When you add a business line to your cell phone, callers will only be able to reach you during your business hours. After that time, your calls will be sent to voicemail, and you’ll be able to set a specific greeting to let callers know you are closed for business.

This will help you maintain a better work-life balance and focus on the tasks at hand without having to constantly switch contexts, which can be exhausting and even lead to mistakes. Plus, you’ll be able to tailor how you answer the phone and your voicemail greetings to reflect your business, which will build credibility with your clients.

One option for adding a business line to your cell phone is Community Phone, which offers local and toll-free numbers, a premium suite of calling features, and the ability to forward calls to another phone or desktop for when you’re out of office. The best part is that their landline base works for up to 12 hours during a power outage, and they have no contracts or hidden fees.