Termites are a threat to property in California, and homeowners should take preventative measures to protect their investment. Regular inspections and moisture control help save money on costly repairs and keep termites from damaging houses and other wood structures.

Unlike bait treatments, tent fumigation is highly effective at eradicating active termite infestations. However, it can also be inconvenient for homeowners to have to leave their homes for the duration of the fumigation process. How often should you tent for termites in california depends on the level of infestation and the extent of damage. In general, if you have to move out of your home for several days, it is likely time to get a termite fumigation.

When it’s Time to Tent

During drywood termite fumigations, pest control professionals set up large plastic tents over the home before releasing potent gas that penetrates every wood member at levels lethal to termites. Once the chemicals disperse, homeowners must stay out of their homes for four days while they wait for it to be safe to re-enter.

In addition to the inconvenience, it is important to remember that termite tenting doesn’t provide lasting protection for your home. Termite bait treatments, on the other hand, do offer long-term protection.

Termite swarms are a sure sign of an infestation and indicate that there are multiple points of termite activity in your house. Swarms may also indicate that the infestation is well established and would be difficult to isolate in order to perform localized treatment.