Getting a traffic ticket is never a good experience, but a so-called “fix it ticket” may be less painful than most. These types of tickets are for things like a broken headlight or expired license plates, and they give drivers the opportunity to have the issue corrected so that it doesn’t negatively affect their driving records or car insurance rates.

The ticket will usually contain information describing where to take your vehicle for an inspection and the costs associated with having the problem verified and signed off by an authorized person. The process differs from state to state; a certified inspection station can verify physical repairs, while registration issues may require an officer or staff at the DMV branch.

If you get a fix it ticket when driving a company vehicle, can you have it transferred to the company’s name? Answer: Yes, but you must provide a letter from an authorized representative of the company asking to be responsible for the case. The letter must be written on company letterhead and sent to the court along with the required fee.

Most state laws classify fix-it violations as nonmoving violations, which means they won’t affect your driving record or car insurance premiums. But it’s important to check the specifics of your state’s law or consult an attorney. Some states have harsher penalties for this type of violation, and failing to appear in court or submit proof of correction can result in a license suspension or even a jail sentence.