The company offers a variety of benefits that are important to employees. These include vacation and sick days, health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and retirement options. These benefits can make a huge difference in the quality of life for an employee.

The average salary for a Lowes worker is $103,149 per year. The salary varies depending on the location, department and level of experience. However, there are some positions that pay more than others. For example, an asset protection agent is paid between $28,224 and $36,556 per year. This is higher than the average salary for a similar position at a competitor such as McDonald Douglas.

Some of the highest paying positions at Lowes are senior software engineer, project specialist, human resources coordinator and stock unloader. These jobs are all located in California, but the top five pay more than the state average of $104,342. This demonstrates that there is some room for salary growth in these positions if you change locations.

According to a recent class action lawsuit, Lowes has been violating the rights of its employees by failing to provide adequate meal and rest breaks. The plaintiffs in the case claim that they were frequently prevented from taking their full, uninterrupted 30 minute lunch break and were not compensated at a premium wage for meals or rest breaks that were missed, short, or interrupted. They also claim that they were not provided with accurate wage statements.