Evictions can cost a lot of money, not just in terms of lawyer fees but also lost rental income and other costs like storage for the tenant’s belongings, utility payments during the vacancy, and time spent screening future tenants. Keeping good communication with your tenants and taking preventive measures such as having the right paperwork in place to avoid violations of your lease agreement can help you avoid costly evictions.

A landlord can evict a tenant in California for various reasons including unpaid rent, violating the terms of your lease agreement, or damaging the property. Landlords must follow strict legal procedures in order to evict a tenant. If you do not have the proper paperwork in place or if you attempt to evict a tenant without following the legal procedure, your tenant could sue you for wrongful eviction and you might be ordered to pay the tenant’s attorney and court fees as well.

An experienced eviction attorney can ensure your eviction paperwork is correct and that you have the proper legal basis to evict your tenant. The legal fee for a basic eviction starts at around $500 and can range up to thousands of dollars in complex cases. You might also need to pay additional court filing fees and the cost of a process server who can deliver the Summons to your tenant.

The intricacy of your case, your attorney’s expertise and reputation, and the location of your property might affect the total cost of hiring an eviction attorney. The eviction process typically takes up to three months from the date you serve your tenant with the eviction notice.