If you are looking for ways to make extra income, then you may be interested in a gig economy job like Doordash. This food delivery service connects customers with restaurants in their area. Customers place orders through the app, and the restaurant delivers the food to the customer. The driver, known as a Dasher, earns a small percentage of the order total and also collects tips from the customer.

The amount you can expect to earn as a Dasher depends on several factors, including your location, hours worked, and expenses. To maximize your earnings, it is important to work during peak times, drive in bonus zones, and maintain a good rating. Additionally, it is helpful to minimize your expenses by planning your routes efficiently and avoiding unnecessary stops.

Currently, Dashers in California can earn up to $25 per hour on average after accounting for their expenses. This includes base pay, tips, and promotions. In addition, drivers can also earn additional revenue through bonuses and other incentives. The company regularly updates its pay structure, so you should check the official website or your driver app for the most accurate information.

As a DoorDash driver, you will be responsible for your own taxes and expenses. Some common expenses include gas, vehicle maintenance, and insurance. To save on these costs, you should keep track of your mileage and fuel efficiency. You should also plan your deliveries to reduce driving time and maximize your earnings. Lastly, you should consider using other food delivery apps in your city to boost your income.