The struggling rotisserie chicken chain Boston Market has been hit with lawsuits from vendors and workers who say they haven’t been paid in months. On Tuesday, the New Jersey Department of Labor issued “stop-work” orders at 27 Boston Market locations across the state. The department found that the company owed employees more than $2.6 million in back wages and penalties, including liquidated damages, according to a press release.

The restaurant chain has been under turmoil since current owner Jay Pandya took over in 2020. Pandya’s Rohan Group of Companies bought the struggling brand amid a major brand overhaul and an attempt to boost revenue and sales. Since then, the company has been plagued by hundreds of lawsuits from lenders, employees and suppliers over unpaid bills.

Employees at Boston Market have complained that they aren’t paid enough to live on. Some even face foreclosures because they can’t afford to pay their rent. Last week, the Staten Island Food Facebook page posted a picture of a closed Boston Market location with a sign that reads “Sorry Guests, We will be closed until our employees receive their paychecks.”

Comparably’s survey data shows that senior regional managers at Boston Market earn an average salary of $141,894 in New York. Managers in other departments also earn higher salaries. Overall, Boston Market employees rank their compensation in the top 50% of similarly sized companies. However, employees don’t feel as positive about their perks and benefits or leadership.