Phlebotomists draw blood from patients and other sources for laboratory testing. They are trained to collect samples that can help medical professionals diagnose and treat illnesses and evaluate the effectiveness of medication. Many people choose a career as a phlebotomist because it is affordable and provides good job security. If you are considering becoming a phlebotomist, it is important to understand how much you can expect to make.

How much a phlebotomist makes in california will depend on several factors. First, how much experience you have will affect your salary. The more procedures you perform, the more valuable you are to your employer and the higher your hourly rate will be. Secondly, where you work will impact your pay. Metropolitan areas tend to offer higher salaries than more rural locations. In addition, per-diem phlebotomists who travel between different medical facilities to meet staffing needs are often paid more than those who work full-time.

Lastly, whether you have earned professional certification will also affect your salary. While most states and employers don’t require it, certification can make you more competitive in the job market. In order to earn a credential, you will need to complete an accredited training program and pass a certification exam.

Regardless of the factors that affect how much a phlebotomist in california makes, you can expect to have a rewarding career in this growing field. If you’re interested in getting started, contact an accredited phlebotomy school to learn more about the programs they offer.