The construction industry contributes to the economy by building homes, offices, and infrastructure. It also creates jobs for skilled and unskilled workers. The booming economy has led to more construction projects, which have resulted in higher wages for construction workers.

Construction worker salaries vary depending on the area of the country and other factors like job experience, education level, skill set, and union status. The most highly-skilled tradespeople earn the highest wages. They include plumbers, ironworkers, and electricians. Less-skilled “construction laborers” work a variety of tasks like loading and unloading supplies or equipment, cleaning and preparing work areas, and moving materials. Some construction laborers also perform more specialized tasks, such as mixing concrete, pouring pavement, and drywall installation. They may also operate light and heavy machinery.

On average, a construction worker in California makes $56,210 a year. The best-paid construction workers make more than that, but the lowest-paid construction workers only make $34,330 a year.

The high wages in California are due to the state’s thriving economy and the need for housing development projects. These developments provide employment opportunities for construction workers, which enables them to pay for housing and other expenses. In addition, many construction workers in California belong to a union, which gives them leverage when it comes to negotiating their wages and benefits. In the US, unions represent 21% of construction workers.