As a state, California values its educators. The state’s public school system, as well as many of its charter and private schools, pay their teachers above the national average. However, there are differences in teacher salaries by school district and geographic location.

Generally, teachers who are certified in their field of expertise will earn higher salaries than those who are not. In addition, teachers who are members of a union typically earn more money than those who do not. Teachers’ unions provide bargaining leverage with their schools, as well as other benefits, such as discounts. On average, a teacher will pay $1,072 per year in dues to their teachers’ union.

A master’s degree in education will also increase a teacher’s salary. For example, first-year teachers with a master’s degree will earn an extra $2,760 compared to their colleagues with only a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree in education can also help a teacher advance their career, as it can lead to higher-level leadership positions and more lucrative job opportunities.

Some teachers choose to supplement their salaries by working as a coach. In general, schools will pay coaches a fixed amount in addition to their regular salary. This option may be attractive to teachers who want to increase their income, but who also do not want to work full time during the summer or during school holidays. However, it is important to note that a teacher will still be responsible for teaching their normal load while coaching.