Substitute teaching is a lucrative career that provides flexible scheduling and a competitive daily pay rate. In California, the average substitute teacher salary is between $100-$250 per day, depending on school district and other considerations like qualifications, experience, and assignment length.

To overcome a substitute teacher shortage, districts are offering higher pay rates to attract more applicants. For example, the Chula Vista Elementary school district gave short-term substitutes a raise from $122 to $200 per day and long-term subs saw their rate increase from $180 to $283. The District also spent $12,000 to put digital billboards on local freeways advertising the new pay rates.

In addition to a competitive daily pay rate, many school districts offer a variety of benefits that help substitute teachers balance their work-life and financial security. These perks include access to health insurance and retirement benefits.

As with any job, it is important to be well-prepared as a substitute teacher. Prior to your first day, make sure you familiarize yourself with the curriculum and materials of the school or district you will be assigned to. Also, arrive early on your first day to introduce yourself and get acquainted with the staff.

In addition to a competitive daily pay rate, most school districts in California offer other benefits to attract substitute teachers. For example, some offer health insurance for their substitute teachers, allowing them to cover medical expenses without incurring out-of-pocket costs. Others provide training opportunities for their substitute teachers, which can help them stay up-to-date on classroom instruction.