Respiratory therapists serve an important healthcare role in today’s society, especially with the aging Baby Boomer population. This group is at an increased risk of chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and emphysema, which means that the demand for respiratory therapy services will continue to rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment numbers for respiratory therapists have been rising much faster than average in recent years.

However, how much do respiratory therapists make in california depends on a variety of factors. A professional’s education, credentials, and career path will all have an impact on their salary. In addition, the type of employer and the geographic location will also have a significant impact on the amount that a respiratory therapist makes.

In general, respiratory therapists who work in states with higher living costs and higher rates of chronic lung conditions tend to earn more than their peers who work in other states. However, the average respiratory therapist salary in california is still relatively low compared to other states with similar living costs and job demand.

Some respiratory therapists choose to take on locum tenens or travel assignments. These professionals are often paid more than their full-time peers because they must cover shifts when regular employees are unavailable or out on leave. In addition, these professionals are often required to cover the cost of their own travel and accommodations while on an assignment. This can add up quickly, making the pay for a locum tenens or travel respiratory therapist salary in california even less attractive.