Hermes is well-known for its handbags, but the company offers so much more. From its flawlessly crafted products to its elegant boutiques, the Hermes experience is one that can’t be replicated anywhere else. A big part of this enduring charm is thanks to Hermes’s sales associates. Hermes aficionados often discuss how building a relationship with an SA is the key to B/K/C access (though we also see many seasoned collectors recommend trying to build relationships with multiple SAs, in order to ensure you have options for your bag-related needs).

So how much do hermes sales associates make? On average, sales assistants at Hermes earn approximately $34,000 per year excluding commission. However, this number can vary depending on location, experience, and specific job responsibilities.

As Hermes is an independent, family-owned company, each store has its own compensation policy. Some stores may have a pooled commission system while others may have individual sales goals for each employee. For the most part, Hermes sales associates will only receive commission for in-boutique purchases. This excludes Hermes’ coveted Birkin and Kelly bags, which are sold exclusively through Hermes’ online storefront.

In general, Hermes sales associates will get 1% for items that “sell themselves,” like silk or fine jewelry, and 3% for harder to sell goods such as home goods and shoes. This is why there is a lot of advice to try and purchase from home goods and fine jewelry when trying to build up your Hermes profile – it helps you meet your sales goals, and it also allows you to support the company’s other departments.