Business cards make a strong first impression at events, networking meetings and more. With a variety of styles and customization options, you can add your contact information, a QR code, a brick-and-mortar location and more to help people quickly connect with you. Find a unique business card template that perfectly matches your brand, then get started with full color printing and choose from multiple finishing options to create a custom look that stands out.

How many business cards come in a box?

Business card boxes provide a convenient way to store and deliver your company’s business cards. Oftentimes, these boxes are made with high-quality cardboard to ensure long-lasting durability. Some boxes also feature a glossy coating to help protect the contents from scratches, fingerprints and other stains.

You can also customize your business card box to include subtle branded elements that reflect the image you want to project to your customers. For instance, you might opt for a premium white finish to convey your commitment to quality. Or, for a more minimalist approach, you can select kraft, which offers a rugged look that appeals to your audience.

Whether you’re selling business cards for a company or personal use, you can easily find the perfect box to fit your needs. Consider your audience’s needs, the number of business cards you typically hand out and the size of their pockets or wallet to determine how big or small a business card box you need.