When pursuing an education in business, the length of time to earn your degree depends on the level and method of study. This article dives into the many different paths to a business degree, from an associate’s in management that prepares you for entry-level positions, to a bachelor’s in business that equips you with the tools for success in fields as diverse as advertising, finance, accounting, and even entrepreneurship.

A bachelor’s in business may be a four-year degree program, although many students take longer than this. A business degree can also serve as a stepping stone toward advanced degrees in fields like public administration, education, and law, as well as more specialized careers like forensic accounting, supply chain management, or human resources management.

Business degrees at the master’s level are offered by most universities, and often require two years of full-time study. Some MBA programs, however, offer options for accelerated degree paths, which allow students to complete their coursework in less time than traditional programs.

Ambitious graduates can also choose to earn a doctorate in business, which takes three to six years to complete, depending on whether you are enrolled full-time or part-time. A DBA, or doctor of business administration, focuses on practical skills for successful business leaders, while a Ph.D. in business is more centered on research and leads to careers as a college professor. Regardless of which path you choose, earning a business degree is an excellent investment in your career and opens up countless opportunities in the world of commerce.