Writing a song can be a deeply personal and variable process. The time it takes to write a song differs greatly among individuals, experienced songwriters could complete a song in minutes, whereas beginners might take much longer. How long does it take to write a song? This question doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer, and that’s what makes songwriting both challenging and beautiful.

How Long Does It Take to Write a Song?

how long does it take to write a song
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There’s immense variance in how long it can take to write songs. For instance, Ed Sheeran reportedly wrote “Shape of You” in around 15 minutes, while Bon Iver took five years to craft “Holocene.” This significant disparity showcases that the duration required to write a song is truly unpredictable. Each song is unique, and there’s no definitive formula for successful songwriting.

On Reddit, the subreddit /r/Songwriting provides a community for songwriters to engage with others, share works-in-progress, seek feedback, and discuss the intricate process of creating music. Collaboration and networking are key benefits for songwriters joining such online communities.

The Songwriting Process

The songwriting process comprises multiple steps: writing, recording, mixing, mastering, and marketing. Starting points can vary from beats, instrumental inspiration, lyrics, or spontaneous ideas. Constraints in songwriting can act as useful guardrails, spurring creativity and simplifying choices.

Writing Songs More Efficiently

With practice and dedication, songwriters can learn to work faster and more efficiently. Tips for speeding up the process include employing creative constraints, working through writer’s block, finding inspiration from diverse sources, setting time limits, finishing songs, and practicing regularly.

It’s essential not to overthink the quality of a song during the initial stages. Often, a good song will reveal itself through rewriting and editing. Moreover, persistence is crucial; putting in the necessary work and effort to make the songwriting process more natural and fluid over time is invaluable.

Community and Feedback

Engaging with fellow songwriters and seeking timely feedback can greatly enhance one’s skills. Platforms like /r/Songwriting foster a supportive environment that can contribute to your growth as a songwriter. Feedback from peers can provide new perspectives and insights that you might not have considered.

Finally, nobody really cares how long it took to write a song. The audience cares only about the end result—whether the song resonates with them. Trust in your writing process is paramount, no matter how long it takes to write a song.

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