While there are some top-notch continuation and replica Cobras out there, nothing can match the experience of driving a real Shelby 427. But owning one isn’t necessarily out of reach, especially if you shop wisely.

To avoid paying full price for a car, shop around for the best deal on a turnkey Cobra. Manufacturers like Factory Five and Levy Racing produce Cobra kit cars that can be purchased and built by a home builder on a budget. Typically, these kits include a chassis, body, and engine. The kit car company can also install the suspension, steering, and brakes to complete the car to your specification.

Another option is to buy a partially assembled car from an independent or dealer. Most of these are what is called a rolling chassis, meaning the body has been attached to a frame with the wheels on. These are generally cheaper than buying a fully assembled car from a manufacturer, but you will have to add the finishing touches yourself.

COBRA allows someone who recently lost their employer-based health coverage to keep their current insurance policy for a short period of time, provided they pay the entire premium, including the portion previously paid by their former employer. The federal program lasts for 18 months, while California offers a state-specific version of COBRA, known as Cal-COBRA.

After the expiration of your COBRA coverage, you can either reapply for coverage through Covered California during the next open enrollment period or wait until you have a qualifying life event to apply for special enrollment through the marketplace.