How Long Before They Repo A Car In California

If you have missed a payment and are worried about your lender repossessing your car, read on to learn more about your rights in the state of California. We’ll discuss what laws govern repossessions in the state, and how you can avoid them. You’ll also find out how much time you have to redeem your car after it has been repossessed, and how your lender must notify you when they intend to sell your repossessed vehicle.

In general, repossession agencies must follow certain California laws governing how and where they can take your vehicle. For example, they can’t breach the peace or use force to recover your property. They also can’t enter a private property without permission, such as a gated community or residential home. However, they can take your car if it is parked on public property, such as the street or a public parking lot. They can also take your car at night.

After your car has been repossessed, it is up to you to retrieve any personal property that was left inside. You can do this by contacting the agency that repossessed your car, or by contacting your lender and telling them what you need back. The lender must give you a list (inventory) of the items that were in your vehicle at the time of repossession. This doesn’t include upgrades that you affixed to the car, such as rims or upgraded stereo systems.