Couplepreneurs is a name that has become popular in recent times. It is where a couple decides to do business together to support their ambitions. While some couples can find this tricky, others with the right chemistry and drive it have found it to be a great experience. Building a company together makes it easy for both of you to work together and support each other. Doing business with your partner builds support for the good and bad times. It helps build confidence, gives you relief, and helps you to stay focused. Such is the story of Chris Erhardt and Mylène Besancon, founders of Tunedly and Bring My Song To Life. Read on to learn about them and how they’ve built their business helping others prosper and grow a legacy through music.

How They Met

Seated on a bench on a beautiful sunny day overlooking the Liffey River in Dublin, Mylène Besancon and Chris Erhardt met in 2013. Their chemistry was immediately in sync and they decided to get serious after dating for a couple of months. Though coming from diverse backgrounds, they were naturally compatible which made it so much easier to move in together.

Soon after, the couple rescued a kitten which brought them even closer together. With love and respect for each other, they decided to do business together, giving birth to two new enterprises, Tunedly and Bring My Song To Life.

How They Migrated From Europe to North America

Mylène and Chris felt it would be best to move from Europe to North America to increase brand visibility in the American market while working with business accelerators. So they earned a Startup Visa, a newly launched program by the Canadian government. They moved to North America together with their precious kitten, met brilliant minds who later became partners, and the rest as they say is history. They eventually got married and adopted a puppy.

Challenges They Had On The Music Side Of Things

Tunedly, which offers a world-class online recording studio and publishing with a built-in audience, was a new kind of service not common among songwriters and musicians at the time it launched. Artists were not used to the idea, however over time it started getting noticed. This was after Mylène and Chris spent considerable resources educating musicians and songwriters on the process. They were essentially creating a new market rather than tapping into an existing one. COVID19 accelerated the adoption of making music digitally and remotely as the music industry needed new innovative methods. At times the couple-preneurs had to work long hours for days on end without much rest. Sometimes they felt like they were spinning their wheels, but as they got better organized things started changing. They had to learn to live by the calendar and say no to opportunities that really weren’t a good fit. Their company has since been growing year on year with more than 30,000 recorded songs.

How Bring My Song To Life And Tunedly Came To Be

The two brands came to be after Chris and Mylène researched the issues artists were facing at the time to come up with solutions that would make it easier for them to record. The aim was to connect songwriters and musicians allowing them to make and market music online. The quality had to match that of traditional studios. And there needed to be a way to connect artists with the mainstream market. The couple was also receiving lots of requests from people who wanted to gift their loved ones with a song to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasions. Thus was born Bring My Song to Life, a remote music gift business that lets people share their feelings with their loved ones through personalized songs. Tapping into Tunedly’s online platform and skilled musicians, Bring My Song To Life is now recording gift songs for people all over the world.

How Their Travels Have Inspired Them To Become Entrepreneurs

Traveling is fun and exciting. It allows you to have new experiences, meet different cultures, and learn new things. It helps you to become more grateful, improves your communication, and brings out the creative you. Mylène and Chris have always loved to travel whenever possible as it allows them to recharge and connect with their inner selves. According to the couple, traveling helps you have an open mind and assess any previously held assumptions. These qualities allow you to do business in a much better way, and increase your chances of succeeding. Travel can also inspire you to refine and pursue your next big idea as you continue growing your brand.

Here are some thoughts Mylène and Chris share from their experience as couple-preneurs creating Tunedly and Bring My Song to Life:

  • Music helps create powerful memories — Music helps to create great memories for family members. It is a fantastic way of passing your family’s legacy down the line to younger generations. Listening to music allows your brain to process information faster and function much better. It elicits powerful memories even for patients with memory loss, according to research.
  • Music Helps Connect Family Members — You’ve probably heard music since when you were born. You started with lullabies and later heard more complex forms including jazz and classical music. Music brings families closer to one another when they sing and dance together. It sparks enjoyment, fulfillment and harmony among family members.
  • Music Promotes Well Being — You can also be sure that your family’s well-being can be improved by listening to music. Research has found a direct correlation between listening to music and wellness. The good vibes music provides not only brings happiness to your family but also global happiness. It also lowers levels of depression in the young as well as old.
  • Music Promotes Your Social Status And Values — As an essential part of human civilizations, music has always had the power to promote social status and values. It has shaped societies and cultures from one generation to another. It has the power to inspire change in behavior and perceptions among people. The youth and school-going children get a lot of teachings from listening to them.


Mylène and Chris are among many couples who are successfully running their businesses while having time for each other. According to them, each has a role to play while supporting the other. Your goals are on the same page, and that makes your marriage and business work.

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