A Google search campaign is a type of online advertising that involves creating ads and showing them when users search for certain keywords on Google. It can help businesses reach the right audience, drive relevant traffic, and increase sales or leads. It’s important to set clear marketing goals for your campaign and use SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) metrics to track your progress.

Lisa sells kitchen furniture online through her website and wants to improve her business’s sales. Which type of Google Ads campaign should she create?

Carlton runs an adventure excursion company in South America. He would like to increase the number of customers booking his tours. Which activity will lead potential customers to his website?

Michelle’s new product has been getting a lot of buzz. She decides to attract traffic via Google Ads but only for searches that include the Wonder Boots brand name. Which keyword match type should she select?

Alicia is the marketing manager for a toy store with both a physical and digital presence. She wants to promote their online and local inventory and boost their e-commerce sales. Which type of Google Ads campaign would be best for her?