Luke Combs’ latest single, “Where The Wild Things Are,” is set to impact country radio on October 16. This song continues Combs’ tradition of storytelling, a trait that almost saw Eric Church record the track instead. Written by Randy Montana and Dave Turnbull, the song had been circulating in the industry for years before finally landing in Combs’ hands.

Song’s Background

“Where The Wild Things Are” was co-written by Randy Montana and Dave Turnbull. Interestingly, the song was almost recorded by Eric Church, a testament to its appeal. The song embodies a narrative that had been long admired but awaited the right voice to bring it to life.

Connection Between Combs and Church

Luke Combs and Eric Church share several similarities and mutual respect. Both are from North Carolina and attended Appalachian State University. Combs has often stated that Church is one of his long-time musical heroes.

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Inspiration from Church

During his college years, Combs momentarily lost interest in country music, finding it less relatable. This changed when he was introduced to Eric Church’s work, which rekindled his interest in the genre and inspired him to pursue his own music career. Their friendship and subsequent collaborations, such as the hit duet “Does To Me,” are a testament to their mutual respect and shared musical vision.

Details of “Where The Wild Things Are”

This song is part of Combs’ latest album, “Gettin’ Old.” It narrates the story from the perspective of someone reminiscing about their adventurous brother. The song artfully touches on emotional themes through vivid storytelling, a hallmark of Combs’ music.

Song Lyrics Insight

The lyrics of “Where The Wild Things Are” describe the brother’s love for adventure and freedom, culminating in a tragic death during a motorcycle ride. The poignant message is that he died doing what he loved, adding a layer of bittersweetness to the narrative.

Performance Challenges

Combs has acknowledged the significant vocal challenges presented by the song, especially in live performances. Producer Scott Moffatt played a crucial role in Persuading Combs to maintain the song’s complexity in the recording, ensuring its emotional depth was preserved.

Upcoming Tours

Luke Combs is currently on a world tour, performing in Europe throughout October. He is also gearing up for his 2024 “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old Tour,” which will kick off in April. Fans can look forward to experiencing “Where The Wild Things Are” and other hits live in concert.

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