Various departments of Coca-Cola Company are located in different parts of the world which allows it to tailor products according to local market demands. This approach has allowed the company to increase its market segments all over the globe and meet local consumer needs. The company also holds regular meetings that allow employees from different departments to discuss their findings and extrapolate them. This enables the marketing department to formulate strategies that will best suit their region. It also gives specialists in food and nutrition the opportunity to expound on how their research can improve the existing product portfolio.

The company utilizes a matrix organizational structure that includes geographic divisions, business-type units, and functional groups. The geographic divisions include Europe, Africa, Eurasia and the Middle East, Latin America, North America, and Asia Pacific. Two non-geographic units are Global Ventures (GV) for brand acquisition and investments and Bottling Investments Group (BIG) for company owned bottling operations. The operational leaders of the geographic divisions and business-type units report to current President and COO Brian Smith.

The line of authority in the company is based on the chain of command which starts at the top with the CEO and moves down to Senior Management, Mid-Level Managers, and then Non-Management Employees. This allows the company to ensure that instruction concerning daily activities are carried out effectively. It also helps to free up the top management from dealing with daily operational issues and focus on long-term planning and strategy development.